Window Replacement and Door Repair in Bath From Professional Glaziers | Benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors

At DWR Services Ltd, our glaziers provide a wide range of services to fix and improve properties in Bath and the surrounding areas we cover. From shop front repairs, garage door maintenance, garage door repairs and window replacements to window repairs, uPVC door replacements and patio door repairs, we have a solution for everyone. We provide a gallery of our previous domestic, industrial and commercial services so you can see our quality work.

Here, we discuss the benefits of upgrading to uPVC windows and doors for your property, including:

  • Security

  • Insulation

  • Low Maintenance

  • Weather Resistant

  • Fire Retardant


The security of a building is vital to any door or window installation. uPVC exceeds expectations with an extremely light and strong frame, various locking combinations and a double glazed pane of glass. These installations help prevent intruders from breaking in.


uPVC windows and doors are low conductors of heat, which means that when they are fitted by our glaziers, they form a closed air system to minimise heat loss. This creates a more comfortable living temperature and makes properties in and around Bath more energy efficient, which helps lower your bills.

We offer various energy efficient window replacements and door repairs in and around Bath. Our team also manages shop front repairs and garage door maintenance services using efficient and effective materials.

Low Maintenance

uPVC is a low maintenance material and doesn’t require regular repainting, varnishing and sanding. uPVC windows and doors can last for decades without weathering and degrading the appearance of your property. The only upkeep needed is wiping down the installations with soapy water to remove dirt and prevent staining.

Weather Resistant

Weathering is a common problem with materials used on the exterior of buildings. uPVC installations aren’t susceptible to the natural elements, so they have a longer life span without ageing.

Fire Retardant

As per the current Building Regulations, units and frames for doors and windows are required to be made from fire rated materials, so the spread of external fire can be prevented. uPVC is also a material that is required to adhere to the fire safety protocol. This means the material will keep the main route open for 30 minutes in the event of a fire.

Professional Services

At DWR Services Ltd, our glaziers manage various services to fix and improve properties in Bath and the surrounding areas. Some of the popular work we mange includes:

  • Shop Front Repairs

  • Garage Door Repairs

  • Garage Door Maintenance

  • Garage Door Installations

  • Patio Door Repairs

  • Window Repairs

  • Window Replacements

  • Door Replacements

  • Domestic Services

  • Commercial Services

  • Industrial Services

Our team are happy to answer any questions to help you make the most of your building.

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